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Credit Bureaus - The Credit Bureaus are private companies that compiles and distributes credit and personal information to creditors. Credit Bureaus provides credit reports with information regarding the economy and reputation of persons and companies. The credit reports are used to evaluate the financial solvency and stability for credit applicants. Credit reports are important investigations that says how reliability is the applicant the credit, and it is recommended to evaluate it before any credit agreement.

FCRA - The Fair Credit Reporting Act
FCRA - The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal regulation for Credit Bureaus to protect the consumer against abusive and damaging practices.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is law created in title VI of the Consumer Credit Protection Act and enacted by the Congress in 1970. (FCRA 15 U.S.C.A. 1681 et seq. 1970). The FCRA was created to regulate the reporting activities to protect the consumer's right to privacy against the informational demands of a credit bureaus and other personal reporting information. The FCRA is the regulation that covers all credit bureaus, consumer reporting industry, investigative reporting, detective and data collection agencies, and the exchanges and lend of computerized information.

The consumer has the right to access to information contained in his credit reports, to correct any erroneous information that may have been one cause to for a denial of credit, contract, insurance, or employment. The consumer has the right to know the name and address of the credit bureau one credit report used to deny a credit or rank negative credit scores to them.

The consumer also have the right to not report adverse credit information older than seven years or bankruptcies older than ten years, and states civil liability for fails in information provided by consumer reporting agencies.
Credit reports are used to integrate information relating to creditworthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living. The data in the credit report must be used to establish the consumer's eligibility for the purposes of employment; credit or insurance for personal, family, or household use; government benefits and licenses to operate particular businesses or practice a profession; and other legitimate business needs.
Reports can be provided also to a court order, a federal Grand Jury subpoena, the Internal Revenue Service, or by written authorization from the consumer.
A consumer reporting agency is one person or corporation that, for monetary fees, dues, or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, regularly assembles or evaluates credit information or other information on consumers for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports to third parties, and uses any means or facility of interstate commerce for the purpose of preparing or furnishing consumer reports. A retail department store or another comparable business that furnishes information to consumer reporting agencies based on its experience with consumers is not considered a consumer reporting agency under the FCRA .
FCRA has not major legislation reforms proposed to address the issues from the technological explosion created by a large increase in consumer debt and the information that it generates.
States also have legislation that covers consumer's rights.
Guide to the Federal Credit Bureau Program
Mayor Credit Bureaus
USA - Equifax Phone Number: 800.685.1111 - Equifax compiles credit reporting data from many sources and creates a credit report. The report reflects your personal credit history including the FICO score. - Stock quote is EFX
USA - Experian Phone Number: 866.200.6020 - Experian offers Credit Reports, credit score and credit check. Includes product guarantee, credit monitoring, credit and debit card protection and immediate access to our fraud experts from Experia.
USA - TransUnion Phone Number: 800.888.4213 - Allows to Check Your Credit Report and Credit Score Online. Information to get access to credit reports and scores including alerts of critical changes. - Bureau of Credit with instant credit Reports to view a complete picture of your credit history. - Trans Union Credit Information Co used one automated consumer relations (CRS) system adapted for Regionalization/. The CRS is equipped with functions for fast consumer file disclosure process, verification, reverification, comments, and follow the track of disputed data through request distribution, and correction of consumer records to enhance public relations.
Canada - Credit Bureau Collections - Collection Agency Canada for debt collection and recovery. Located in the heart of Central Ontario, Canada, north of Toronto.
Canada - CIBC - Check the Accuracy of Your Credit Report Canada credit bureau. How to receive a copy of your credit report by mail, free of charge. View your credit report online for a fee. Tools for Loans and Lines of Credit.
Canada - Credit Bureau Services Canada - CBSCanada collection industry. Servicing the Niagara Region for over seventy years since 1932.
Canada - Canadian Credit Bureaus and Bankruptcy Information about Credit reporting agencies that collect information about consumers' financial affairs and sell reports to their business members.
Canada - CollectCents Credit Bureau of Canada Collections - Collection and debt recovery services.
Japan - JCB - Japan Credit Bureau Credit card company based in Tokyo, Japan.
India - CIBIL - Credit Information Bureau India Limited
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Latin America , Mexico - Registro Nacional Main Latin America with Free Public Records Search. Includes various american countries court records from counties and cities nationwide.
Bureaus Credit .com
Bureaus Credit .com - :. Is a directory with Free information to find credit bureaus, credit reports, banks and Credit information. Credit Reports are used to investigate people and know their personal references.

A Credit bureau (U.S.), or credit reference agency (UK) is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer credit information. (From Wikipedia). Credit bureaus are also known as Credit rating agency, or consumer reporting agency (CRA). They gather information people's credit history, including of payment habits, number of credit accounts, balance of accounts. Lenders, credit card companies, banks and other financial business usually provide credit information to the bureaus in return for the ability to request credit information about other people.

Credit bureaus collects information in different ways using private method to determine credit ratings. The credit rating is a measures that gives one estimation about the credit worthiness and ability to pay back a loan. The credit rate can affect the interest rate applied to the loans.

Employment information as length and place of work are also used in the credit report.

Consumer reporting agencies are national, independent, and private companies, that are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the federal law which covers credit bureaus and credit reporting.

Credit Scores or Risk scores are numerical evaluation assigned by credit bureaus to easy clients interpret agencies credit reports. For example Fair Isaac Corporation is the developer of the the FICO score, the worldwide standard for measuring a consumer's creditworthiness and credit risk. All three credit bureaus use Fair Isaac's specialized software that uses the information on your credit history to calculate your FICO score.
The transnational Credit bureaus companies works together with the credit grantors to erase any unacurate information and fix any mistake, providing updated information in the minimum time as possible to reduce complaints from consumers.
Armenia - Armenian Credit Reporting Agency
Australia - Veda Advantage Largest credit bureau in Australia and New Zealand
Australia - Veda Advantage / Data Express / Credit Reports Service
Australia - Baycorp Collection Services
Austria - KSV
Belgium - UPC-BVK
Botswana - Compuscan
Bulgaria - Experian
Canada - Equifax , TransUnion
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Germany - Schufa
Greece - Tiresias
Cyprus - First Cyprus Credit Bureau
India - CIBIL
Ireland - Irish Credit Bureau
Italy - CTC, CRIF
Mexico - TransUnion , Equifax,
Namibia - Compuscan
Netherlands - Equifax Equifax
New Zealand - Veda Advantage
Nigeria - Credit Registry
Pakistan - CIB CIB (State Bank of Pakistan), Credit Chex (Powered by Experian UK)
Poland - InFoScore BIG
Portugal - Credinformações
Romania - Biroul de Credit
Rwanda - Compuscan
South Africa - Compuscan South African credit bureau that provides consumer and commercial credit information within South Africa and other African nations. Compuscan was selected by the Bank of Uganda to build the first-ever Ugandan Credit Reference Bureau. This system is required Ugandan financial institutions to issue smart cards to their borrowers as part of a borrower identification program.
South Korea - NICE - National Information & Credit Evaluation KIS, Credit information group with operations in South Korea. The company is listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index, or KOSPI.
Spain - Credinformações
Sweden - Soliditet AB, UC
Turkey - KKB
Uganda - Compuscan
Ukraine - FCBU
United Kingdom - Equifax, Experian , Callcredit
United States - Experian Experian, TransUnion Innovis, PRBC
Consumer Data Industry Association
Armenian Credit Reporting Agency
Federal Trade Commission Governmental Page on Free Credit Reports
Federal Trade Commission Governmental Page on FCRA and consumer rights
OCC - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Dun and Bradstreet
Credit-Information Reporting: Why free speech is vital to social accountability and consumer opportunity
Stoozing guide to UK CRA suppliers
First Credit Information Bureau in India
Uganda - First Ugandan Credit Bureau
Pakistan - State Bank of Pakistan FAQs about Credit Bureau
Ukraine - International Credit Bureau
Georgia - National Credit Information Bureau (Georgia)
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    Credit Bureaus - How can I find credit bureaus, credit reports and banks reviews. Credit Bureaus are private companies that issue credit reports to prevent fraud for business. Experts recommends credit analysis before buying or selling, autos, houses, or real estate - Credit Bureaus provides information regarding the economy and reputation of persons and companies to evaluate the financial solvency and stability for applicants.
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